Saturday, 13 November 2010

They are back home!

Yes, my parents are home with me! I'm so happy, plunged forward to hug them at the airport earlier this evening. Just a week of seperation, they commented that I looked different, my hair's longer. Time for cut soon.

It's lots of shopping they did for everyone of us. Food and shopping isn't cheap there, but to get time for stroll, shop, sleep and slack is something difficult to acheive in our local hectic lifestyle.

Helping Daddy to unpack, or rather creating mess...

Bath toy flown from Spain... I love them!

Never forgetting clothes for the kiddos, mine on left and didi's on right... and my fat little penguin in the middle.

In hope of pleasant meals, check out my forks and spoons from Zara home, don't think we've the home collection in Singapore.

Mummy has never been away from me for a single night, and when she was away this time, she realised it was really carefree to be walking and waking up without me. Not having to worry what's for my meals, the long travelling time as well as the change in weather and time zone. Phew, the trip was without me... Nevertheless, Mummy kept asking Daddy where should they bring the kids for holiday, referring to me and didi. What a bold thought... haha.

Anyway, it's wonderful to be back home, nothing beats the warmth at home...

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