Thursday 16 December 2010

Downward Or Upward

On most nights, I would pat my 'plushies' to sleep, my fury 'friends' I meant. We'll all be in bed, and I would arrange each of them side by side, lying downward and then pat them on their bums. If anyone else is talking loudly in the room, I would put a finger on my lips and go "shhhh..." Daddy and Mummy would then lower their volume. 
My 'plushies' are sleeping
My plushies' sleeping position is causing Mummy some worry, what if she were to ask me to pat didi to sleep, would I want to turn him downward, facing the mattress? Mummy tried explaining that we all sleep upward, but I insisted that all my 'friends' are to face down when sleeping. Perhaps, I love sleeping on my tummy on most times. 
And next, time-out for them

On naughty occasions, Mummy will send me to my time-out corner, to do punishment by facing the wall. I'm really fearful of that. When I do it, my plushies have to do it too. One for all and all for one! Ok, just kidding, I was teaching them letters. They're really good listeners, and they don't fidget a single bit.

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