Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Letters make sounds

I'm now an expert of the different sounds every letter makes, I'm a master of A to Z. Mummy got me to do this video by telling me that my 'friends', Carebear, Eeyore and mouse mouse want to learn alphabet, so I've to teach them the sounds.
Here I went, being a good teacher until my concentration got disrupted at letter M, then I distractedly walked through to letter U. Mummy gave up on V,W, X,Y and Z, after all concentration was lost. Well, not bad, I made it almost till finishing.

After having mastered all the letters, Mummy is taking letter factory DVD away from my eyes. I'm relying too much on it during meal times. Now, I'll only get to watch it occasionally, when Mummy's really exhausted to entertain me, the TV will replace.

At least, I've mastered the sounds these letters make. Learning was fun with it, and we all thought I was too young for it, but well, thoughts proven wrong. In fact, Dad and Mum were learning on the sounds too!

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