Sunday 5 December 2010

I love carebears!

I love carebears, and so here I am with the live carebears at downtown east. I had great fun meeting them!

I had a really fun evening! Mum too, she enjoyed watching the bears danced to the Christmas carols. Carebears were around since her childhood days and they're still popular among kiddos today. When the bears were parading around downtown east, I kept telling Daddy to 'follow follow', but daddy is a crowd avoid-er, so I didn't follow through their route.

That evening, when I got home, I ran a high temperature of 40.3 deg!!! Mum and Dad were so worried that they got me up for a not too warm bath, brrrr.... Thank God, I recovered the next day. I'm all well again! "Fever, please stop visiting me."

Oh, carebears will be still be having their musical and parade at downtown east every weekend till 26th Dec, 6pm to 6:30pm (musical) and 8pm (parade). We were the late birds, so we didn't get pass to the photograph session with carebears, I was so disappointed. I'm hoping to go again, Daddy please.......?

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