Monday, 13 December 2010

Little Christmas Party

Last Friday, together with Daddy, Mummy brought me to her office for a Christmas party. There were many other children there too. I was so amazed by the balloon sculptor, and I got him to make so many balloons for me. After balloons, I got my arm painted with pretty flowers. After painting and food, I met Santa! 
Arm painted with pretty flowers

Santa called for me and so here I am

Was quite afraid, so Mummy took my pressie

The pressie's for me, Jazzelle!!!

While walking to our seats, I kept asking Mummy to 'open open'

I opened and peeped

Oh yes! Teapot and cups!

Hmm, so does Santa really exist, whether you've been naughty or nice?
Answer: Mummy bought the present earlier on, and passed it to Santa! So that made ALL children happy that day. It was our Daddy and Mummy!

I enjoyed my evening and I love playing with my new toy. Soon, it will be Christmas, I'm so much into the season now, I love meeting Santa. I know some carols and love having pressies. It's my 2nd Christmas this year, I've grown and learnt so much more about the season. It's probably snow that I'm missing out... but warm Christmas is good too! 

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