Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Little house

At times, I'll get really bored with my toys or rather I can hardly play alone. Mummy was so tired entertaining me last weekend, when she recalled about this tent given to me by grand aunt. She took it out for me to play, in hope that I can self entertain for at least a while. I love playing in and out of this 'little house', but still asking Mummy and Daddy to join me for play. I'll ask them to 'knock knock' at the entrance before entering and I'll play hide and seek with them. I can really exhaust Mummy to the max, but she thought it was really fulfilling to be part of and to watch me enjoy my play.

Little house filled with colourful balls

Not forgetting to bring my 'friends' in for fun

The tent is easy to open and keep after play. Anyway, I'm not doing the keeping. Cheeky thoughts again.

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