Monday 27 December 2010

On Christmas

The season that's widely celebrated by all races and religions, Christmas, is now over. Mummy told me, it is the day Jesus is birth. As a little kid, I could only relate Christmas to presents, Santa and carols. In short, I love Christmas! 
On the eve, we had steamboat at home, and hmm... that's so like Chinese New Year. Like most, we have enjoyed the season - A time of giving and receiving. I couldn't wait for boxing day, so I opened all my presents on Christmas. I love opening pressies, it's really exciting. Mummy too, she was away from her office for almost a week, and went back on the eve to find many pressies on her desk. Nice! 
Helping Mummy to unwrap all pressies from her colleagues
My pressies from Grandparents and parents... Thank you Gong gong, Po po, Daddy and Mummy!
I love ALL my pressies. Thank you Auntie Claud, Auntie Esther and Berry Jie jie.
After unwrapping the pressies, we all had a good afternoon nap before proceeding to vivo for dinner. It was also when we decided to abandon the car, and go public. A little part for the environment, or rather to avoid the Christmas jam. I've never really been on the train, I was really curious when we boarded it. I went "Choo choo" when we were on the train. Mummy said, this train doesn't make the 'choo choo..." sound. Aww, what a cutie me...
Vivo was crowded, so was the train station. We caught glimpse of the crane dance. It was suppose to start at 9pm, but began 15 minutes late. By then, there was already a huge crowd waiting from drizzle to rain. I got a little impatient and when we were about to leave, it finally started. From vivo's view, it was a pretty boring and silent show. Only the last few seconds of fireworks impressed me. Then, we swept off 2 boxes of diapers from giant, and headed home by the train again. Those, together with me was a heavy load... 
A priority on the reserved seat because of me and my preggy mummy
After this Christmas, Mum and Dad think Ive been so overwhelmed with toys. It will shock you if I were to show you my collection some day. These shall be enough for a long long time. Didi will have to share some of my toys too... 
Well, it's a Goodbye to Christmas and in days time, to 2010. And then, get ready for the CNY mood. Gong Xi Fa Cai

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