Monday, 27 December 2010

Post Christmas - Birdpark

It was boxing day yesterday! We were all ready to visit the Jurong birdpark, a place in the faraway land. Still within reach by car though. The day was bright and sunny, there was a long queue just to get tickets. Dad and Mum were unable to get corporate passes for that day, and it was the last day of the Penguin Wonderland, so they paid for their entrances. Nonetheless, not wasting time, Mummy fed me my home prepared lunch, and Daddy queued for the tickets. Timing was just perfect, I finished my lunch and Daddy got the tickets.

We love penguins
Holding penguin's 'hand' for picture
Penguin mascots and Santa!
Santa gave me a penguin mask
Halfway through the penguin party, I got bored by the magic show. Simply too young to appreciate, so we left to see the various bird species.

Ostrich up close. Almost pecked my fingers.
Along the way, Mum and Dad would tell me, this is ostrich, this is swan, this is duck, this is owl and eventually, they went this is bird, that is bird, all are birds. So all birds look about the same, and they mostly fly. I conclude that the zoo is much more fun and interesting.

While I was sleeping, it began to drizzle and rain a little. Thank God, the rain wasn't too heavy. When I got up from my nap, we watched some shows and visited the children's play area. I got excited upon seeing the water play. My blur Mummy prepared my swimwear, but forgot my towel! We used her jacket to wipe me dry after bath. Brr.... the water and weather was cold. Short play for me.

Bird shows were crowded with people, but I have a tall Daddy!
I get excited when I see water sprouts.
The best and amazing part about this park trip was that I sat in my car seat throughout the journey. Not a single noise was made. After bird park, we met uncle E and Auntie PT for Spanish dinner. I wasn't too well-behaved throughout dinner, because I rejected food. After dinner, we went home, with me in my car seat again. Despite unpleasant dinner, I was such a darling with my acceptance to the car seat. It means I can share Mummy with didi when we're all in the car. Now, whenever we hop onto the car, I would say, "Jazzelle 前面,Mummy 后面, Daddy drive drive." Aww, such a cutie!

Exhuasted and dozed off in my car seat.
Oh oh, another highlight of the day... Mummy bought me a pair of Elmo shoes at the birdpark, one of the places that would sell polliwalks, sesame series. I'm so in love with my new pair of shoes, beginning to lose sight of my old pair now.

Putting on my new shoes.

Thank you Mummy for those shoes and thank you Daddy and Mummy for the wonderful day out. I'm looking forward to going to the zoo next month. 

Singing "We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how about you you you, you can come too too too!" 

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