Monday, 13 December 2010

Santa Claus is...

I made Mum and Dad laughed when they discovered I could complete the lyrics of the Santa Claus song. Mummy would say, 'Santa Claus is...' And I'll go 'coming to town'. Well Mummy, teachers having been singing carols with us!

And when I hear the jingle bell song, I would go 'Hey!' loudly. I love the kids songs apps in Mummy's phone, I would self navigate to find the jingle bell song. I'm now an iphone expert, I can unlock mummy's phone and find the applications I want. Even Grandma thinks I'm better than her.

This is freaking Mum out, are kids of my generation gonna ask for iphone, ipad or iwhatever before they even reach three? Oh, better not...

I've to do whatever Mummy says, if not, no lappy for me to play. I love tapping and viewing my pictures and videos on her lappy.

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