Friday, 17 December 2010

Party in School

School held a Christmas party for us yesterday. We were supposed to be dressed up to the theme, bring some food and a gift for exchange. Gift budget was $20, even more expensive than Mummy's office gift exchange, haha. But the budget was just perfect to find a suitable toy as gift. 
All dressed up that morning!

I sure know how to pose!
The previous night, mummy was still cracking her head on what food item I should contribute. Trying to stay away from sweets and chocolates, she then decided on the gingerbread man. The commercial ones outside are huge and expensive, so mummy decided to bake her own, small and cute, just of hand and bite size for my classmates. And when Daddy saw, he laughed and said they looked like alien gingerbread men. Hmm, blame it on the mould. 
Although Mummy thinks that the taste of her self baked men were only so so, or perhaps a matter of preference, because of the ginger and cinnamon taste, some don't like it. What mattered most was her main consumer, me. I couldn't stop eating! 
Edible Aliens!
Aliens packed for school party.
Specified ingredients. Some children might be allergic to the ingredients, better to disclaim.
Mummy tried asking me if everyone finished the gingerbread men, I just said 'run run run'. Quoted from a story Mummy told me about baking gingerbread man, and the man ran out of the house after being baked. Well, she supposed everyone finished it, because there were no leftovers in my bag. Or let's call it self comfort. She really deserved to be comforted though, baked till 2 a.m, the previous night, and still made it to work. Her back and legs are still aching from baking. Thank you Mummy! 
Other food contributed by by classmates
Socks! Present from the school to us
Opening my exchanged gift with excitement!
Woah, A frog! How did one know I was on excessive letter factory
Finally, brought my artwork home
Parties are fun, I had party hat and balloon to bring home too! Next year, I'm going to bid goodbye to my teachers and friends, moving out of familarity to another class. It was like a happy closure today. Teachers and classmates will no more be familiar, or maybe I'll be seeing some familiar classmates who were there earlier than me. Hopefully, we'll still remember each other.

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