Monday, 3 January 2011

First school day of the year

I'm into a whole new class today! I had a little hard time settling in this morning, because it was a total new environment. My classroom is new, some teachers are new and so are some of my classmates. Though I've met most of my classmates before, and some of them are 'promoted' to this class with me, I'm still a little resistant. Only when teachers were distracting me, then Mum and Dad sneaked off. Mummy's on leave today, it's called the 'first day of school' leave. What an interesting entitlement. 
Slightly near noon, teacher called to ask about my milk feed, so Mummy asked about me. She told her that I cried a little when they left. In the evening, teacher called Mummy to update on me again, because she was going off for the day. She said I adapted well to meals, sleep and play. Cried a little again when teacher was about to leave. She mentioned that I'm having fun at the playground during their conversation call. That was also about time Dad and Mum pick me ...
When Dad and Mum arrived, and for being new in the place, they navigated their way to find me. They saw my classmate's Dad and he said, "Jazzelle's there, the only one not crying." Indeed, changes can be rather difficult for young children. A few of the tots were crying while waiting for their parents to come. I had my time of tears too, but the playground helped me focused on play. 
Having fun, till I saw Dad and Mum
Continued with play, showing Dad and Mum the playhouse
This is unbelievable! Instead of wanting to get out of school, I brought Dad and Mum to my classroom. I'm excited about the flight of stairs that I've to now climb everyday for meals, sleep and play. I went up and down the stairs, not wanting to go home.
My classroom - Part B
My classroom - Part A

It's a whole new progression for me. For Mum, it's tiring because there's now no space in school to hold my diapers, wipes, cream, bottle and milk powder. It means packing more things in my bag and washing my bottles and canister every evening. Can be quite dreadful. 
Well, just a little negative about this new class - Mummy found out that none of my classmates are potty trained. And so, if I were to begin, not only will it be troublesome for the teachers, I'm also not too motivated if none of my classmates does it. Mummy was quite surprised to hear that they don't help to potty train till next year, and even more surprised that none of the current classmates are trained. It means sticking to my mobile toilet for a longer time. Although teacher did mention that they can help reinforce the training if we have already began at home. Gauging at the situation, it's probably tough to follow through.
Anyway, I've been excited about my new experiences today. I was talking and singing non-stop when Dad and Mum picked me. I showed no signs of tiredness and I was a hyper kid. Looks like, I'm adapting well and soaking in lots of fun! 

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