Monday 10 January 2011

A little Surprise

For the past few weekday evenings, mum has been home alone with me. The weather has no mercy on us, she would pick me by cab, from her workplace to my school and then home. I've been such a friendly kid, saying bye bye to the cabbyuncles before alighting and thanking them for the change they gave mummy.

When we're home, I'm so much of a sticky chewing chocolate to Mummy. Always wanting to be carried and played with. I would tug mummy to play my toys and read me books, making her sit up and down, walk down and up. These are really tough on Mummy now, her tummy is so huge. Well, Daddy's on reservist, and there's no one at home to help us. Even Mummy's shower time was with me in the bathroom. Goodness!

This evening, having been such a good girl over meal, I finished my porridge quick and fuss free. Mummy bathed me and we had much time left for fun and anything else before bed. Mummy asked, "Do you want to make a birthday card for Daddy?" I said,"yes!" enthusiastically, with those eyes widely opened. This tells mummy, she has to follow through her words. Next moment, mummy search through the study room for resources to make Daddy's card. It's his birthday tomorrow, 11.1.11. Nice date of the year. Just a pity that Daddy's celebrating his birthday in camp. Well, still hope he can make it back early tomorrow.

Together with Mummy's help, we did this: 
Much of trouble than of help, messing with crayons!
Mummy asked me to decorate the 'cake'
Here's the little something we completed

Back of the card... I kinda destroyed it. Mummy put her hand over mine to write 'Daddy'. And then I doodled with the word 'love'...

That imperfectness showed my innocence, sincerity and creativity. Card is being safe kept till tomorrow. I hope to give Daddy before I sleep. It will be a little surprise with cake and song tomorrow!

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