Thursday 13 January 2011

Mummy's huge tummy

Mummy visited the gynae today, her final few visits before didi pops. Time flew, her tummy grew and soon I'll have a playmate. But what, we've not got a name for didi yet! Mummy suggests, Daddy rejects, and the process goes on and on... sigh! We hope to get a name for didi soon.

Today's checkup was a wake up call for Mummy, she's been eating too much and didi's weight is now slightly above average. Goodness! Her appetite has been so good, eating and snacking a lot. Alright, time to do away with the unhealthy snacks! No more bubble tea and desserts! Erm, CNY is coming, maybe an exception on the bak kwa. Being a Mum comes with sacrifices, and the risk of putting those extra pounds after birth.

After the gynae's visit, Dad and Mum had lunch and then they ran errand to stock up wipes and some other supplies before didi arrives next month. I'm aware of didi in Mummy's tummy, perhaps, not too sure how it's coming into life or I might even thought that didi stays in her tummy throughout. Mummy wonders...

I've been very sticky to mummy these weeks, always wanting to be carried. Even rejecting daddy at times. Jealousy must have kicked in upon knowing my sibling's near arrival. Well, I will be happy to receive him. This evening, I brought a book to mummy's tummy and asked her to read for didi. Aww... what an adorable moment. I look forward to his arrival, Jie jie loves you!

It's threesome! Mummy, didi and me!

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