Sunday 2 January 2011

On New Year Day

It was the first day of 2011. A simple day for us. Along with Dad and Mum, we made our way to East Coast Park for breakfast at McDonald, and then to the beach. McDonald was so crowded! I love the sand play after breakfast, but we couldn't stay long because it was scorching hot! Even though a short play, I enjoyed it. I got really particular when sand went into my shoes.

Shared Daddy's Mc Muffin

Had my favourite apple juice

Fun at the outdoor playground

At the sandy beach

After fun at the park, we headed to the airport, T3 for cool air. I had loads of fun with the indoor playgrounds. I also tried the slide that was really really long. I played on it with Daddy. So fun!

At the mini playground

Another part of play in T3

Long long slides
Playing on it with Daddy
It was so difficult to get me out of fun. Dad and Mum had to threaten umpteen times to leave without me. I eventually abandoned play when I lost sight of them, after a few minutes. We then left T3 and headed to great-grandparents' home for visit. We were so tired that we napped there.

To conclude, airport is fun! Or rather, anywhere is fun as long as it's with our love ones. Nice start to the year!

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