Tuesday 18 January 2011

My school fees

This was extracted from the Straits Times last month, it really is awakening when you total my school fees into an annual amount. With no caretakers available from start, I went to an Infant Care at a tender age of 7 months. My school is pricey, but it was our last resort. Infant care and childcare centres within our area has a long waiting list. Despite having my name put on the wait list for some schools, there was no reply. It really is ridiculous having to queue and wait for preschool entries. That was how I ended in my current school.
Preschool being cheaper than Uni
So when mummy read, "parents willing to pay to give kids a good start in education...", her response was, "Erm, I don't have much choices, do I?"
Figures at a zoomed view

I think the kindergartens figures here do not reflect the government subsidy. This comparison is gonna frighten many mummies-to-be. Hmm, why not more childcare support and subsidies? If birth rate is threatening the nation, it's worth every effort to achieve results.

Although my mum does feel pinches at times, I'm sure she has never regretted starting me school early. A solution she thought would be temporary became a long-term solution.

With my little sibling coming along, it's definitely a 'No' to Infant Care Centre. This is gonna wipe out dad and mum's pockets. We had a hard time persuading Grandma to help care for didi when he's out, she has agreed and I hope she doesn't play us out.

Writing in hope for a more affordable and family friendly society to live in.


  1. if you do not mind, there is a My First Skool (MFS) CC (with IFC coming soon) at mcnair road area, near boon keng MRT station.

    potential savings of more than $10000 pa!

  2. Hmm, might consider it for the little boy. Jazz is comfortable in her current school lei...

    school fees increasing, yet subsidy is no change... sigh!


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