Thursday 20 January 2011

Zoo Again

Last Sunday, I visited the zoo with grandparents, dad and mum. The weather was more than perfect! It was my second trip to the zoo, and I'm still loving it. I know many animals and everything kept me so occupied. I only napped 20mins, woke up in the midst of the elephant show. We were strolling the zoo from 1030am to 6pm! Long walking day for all of us.
I was amazed by something... can't remember what it was
I kept telling daddy, "picture picture" then I posed with hippo with my victory signs...
I was feeding baby goat...
The next moment, it was 'chewing' my fingers. Goodness! I've no fear for it at all
The highlight was - Waterplay! I love it!
Daddy says kids have no fear in nature, it's the adults who instill fear in them, sounds true. It was a fun time for everyone. Grandma and Grandpa said they haven't been to the zoo since Mummy has grown, so mummy said, it's her turn to bring them to the zoo that day. 
We have a fantastic zoo, with not just animals, but a fun friendly park for all kiddos.

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