Wednesday 2 February 2011

Eve of CNY

It was half day of work and school for everyone today. We had reunion lunch at my paternal parents' place and then dinner at my maternal grandparents' place. We love this arrangement, not having to rush both places. And so, my fun and ang bao collection began today.

Had fun with Kay
Although it was the long weekend that we're all anticipating to rest and relax, it had been a long and tiring afternoon for mum. After getting home from lunch, she's been in the kitchen dishing up some butter and steam crabs for feasting at great grandparents' place. Her milk butter crab has lots of positive feedback you know. 
The crabbies that required a kind soul to 'process'

Daddy's the kind soul! Love him to bits...
Milk butter crab... Nice and yummy!
After the crabbies were ready, together with grandpa and grandma, we proceeded to great grandparents place to feast. I only had the steam crab as butter crab was spicy. While everyone were feasting, Lao gong gong entertained me.
I like it when Lao gong gong draws watch on my hand. Same childhood 'trick' he drew for his grandchildren when they were young.

Giving lao ma ang bao, from dad and mum... asking her to keep in her pocket.
The eve ended on a late night, I had so many people to play with. Landed in dreamland slightly before 12am.

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