Thursday 3 February 2011

First day of CNY - 初一

I woke up, showered, changed into my new cheongsum which Delia jie jie bought, and went to grandpa and grandma to 拜年. They each gave me a fat ang bao, after which, I went to dad and mum to do my gongxi gongxi too. I got another fat ang bao from them too.

It wasn't much of visitation today. All we went was lunch at great grandparents place, stayed for a good long time of bonding before proceeding home for dinner. 

And now big hug for lao ma. Spotted didi behind? 

Hugging lao gong gong before leaving

A go at the playground before boarding the car.

Back home, I had a good 3 hours nap. In the night, we were feasting again! Grandpa ordered 盆菜 and sharks fin for dinner. My jiujius, jiejies, 姑妈 and 表舅 joined us too! Know what, everyone had a really sumptuous dinner, except me. Mummy cooked chicken porridge for me. Can't I get to taste what you guys are having?

Not much preparation was done for this meal as the food were pre-ordered from a restaurant. Mummy only cooked the scallops. Forget about mentioning which restaurant, because it wasn't very yummy, yet over priced.

The yu sheng - supposedly the first dish, became our last dish.
I've no idea what are we suppose to be doing with yu sheng, I just held on to my chopsticks and follow the crowd. Again, fun was overwhelming! I had a great time with my jiujius and jiejies, only hitting the pillow at 12am. It's only the 1st day of CNY, I'm already tuning into the late night sleeps. Mummy says, because of CNY, late night sleeps shall be an exception.

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