Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fourth Day of CNY - 初四

It was the last day of the long weekend, Mummy got kinda blue towards the evening because it's back to work the next day. Sigh! Reality set in...

Nonetheless, we had fun this day. Grandpa and Grandma, together with jiujiu, berry jie jie and her parents caught an afternoon movie, "It's a great great world". With me around, it was pretty hard to stay in the cinema, Dad and Mum skipped the movie and we loitered around Tampines Mall and Century Square while waiting for them. We had lunch, which was my snack and then I napped in daddy's arms after walking a little.

Sweet drinks for mummy, her never ending craving during pregnancy

Self feed, and I'm still a messy eater

Coffee time for Dad and Mum, while I continue napping
After their movie, we all met up again and headed home. Mummy napped a little at home before we proceeded to great grandparents place, yet again. Well, Mummy thinks whenever possible, she would love to bring me there often. She knows the oldies, oops, I meant the goldies, love being around with little children, plus I'm their first great grandchild.

I had dinner there before proceeding to our final destination, da jiu's home. After dinner, I played with jiujius and jiejies, screaming off my lungs and getting excited over every little thing. I'm a suprano when it comes to screaming. 
Jiujiu caught starting on the sashimi without us!
The many dishes Delia jiejie whipped up... yummy!
Yet another dress from Delia jiejie. I'm a little ballerina

Before we knew it, our late night dinner and fun ended at midnight. It was work and school the next day. Well, whatever tomorrow is, we enjoyed the present and the moments.

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