Thursday 10 February 2011

Little Brother's name

Mummy is into her 38th week of pregnancy, she's in the 'anytime' zone. However, it seems like didi is so comfortable in her womb, he's has engaged but mummy yet to dilate. Gynae said delivery within the next one week is unlikely. Well, that's good prediction, at least mummy knows there's still time to hand some work over in the office and to play with me. It's only weeks left before attention is divided among the siblings.

On didi's name, it has been a long process, a long debate and months of thinking before we decided one for didi. Of the 26 letters, since the early months, we've already streamed down to only one letter, i.e 'J'. Although a common letter for the many names out there, Mummy felt comfortable to begin him with the same letter as mine, the siblings identity. And then we've all decided, he shall be named "Jevon". Nice? It was difficult for Dad and Mum to consent on a name, this is finally one that they're both ok with.

So now, didi has a name, he's JEVON (Name has been superceded, refer to next few posts)

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