Monday, 14 February 2011

On Valentines Day

It's Valentines day! A day not just for the couples and the dating, but also a day to show love for our family and people around us. It's for everyone! My school had a mini celebration today, the teachers put up a performance on love and brought us through a baking session. The children were told to dress up creatively in lovely colours. So here I am, in one of my sweetest outfit.
Sweet in pink

My crushed cookies from the baking session
After school, Dad and Mum brought me to feed tortoises at a pond near my school. Then, we went home for dinner and shower, and Daddy brought us to Swensen for ice cream. 
"Hmm... which flavour to begin with?"
It would be too perfect to have the whole boat of ice cream on my own. Love is all about sharing. A simple night out, but we all enjoyed. Love was in the air. In fact, we all learn to love everyday, not just this day. 

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