Saturday 5 February 2011

Second Day of CNY - 初二

This day, we went 3 houses. Daddy's grandpa, Daddy's gu gu and grandma's sister's place. Prior to visitations, Mummy was busy in the kitchen preparing steamboat lunch. CNY seems to keep mummy busy with food preparation. Of course, with grandma's help, everything was faster and easier. Again, Mummy cooked porridge for me instead of getting me to join the steamboat feast. Well, that's because my lunch would be very overdue if I were to join them.

Looking great in this cheongsum
After the last stop of visit, it was very late. We decided to have prata for dinner, or rather it was supper. The prata at 'The Prata Shop' was good and crispy. Till now, mummy is craving for it. 

The Prata Shop
Another late night of fun. Bedtime got delayed again. Well, the energy is all worth, we had a great time of bonding. Maybe that's what CNY is all about, putting some work time away, engage in family time. It's time when we can slow our pace to catch up on kinship, after which we can spend time earning wealth again.

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