Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Third day of CNY - 初三

The weekend was so long that mummy had to go back to the picture folder and recall where we went. This day, we went to Daddy's friend, uncle Mark's new home, he just shifted into his new home. I seem to always be sleeping when we're on visitation trips. I arrived and slept at uncle Mark's sofa for about 20mins. After nap, I had fun with Leoric. We helped ourselves to the fruits on the table, the only edible that appealed to us, after which, we were both hooked on phones.
Leoric on apple and me on orange

We have a common way of nibbling the apple... we set the skin aside

Phones addiction

Wanting to check out the app he has

It was a nice catch up with Leoric's parents, auntie and uncle Mark... We shall meet up soon!

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