Monday 28 February 2011

When Jazz met Jare

I'll always remember the expression Jazz had when she met Jare in the hospital ward. She was being carried by her Daddy and we introduced didi to her. She was very apprehensive, with eyes stuck on the little baby, she then began to show fear, almost wanting to cry. I had her on my bed, with Jare just by our side. Slowly, I brought her closer to Jare, but she went for my tummy, touched it and said, "didi come out." I said,"Yes, didi is out!"
Gradually, she began touching him, pointing his ears, eyes, nose and mouth to us. He stroked his cheeks and my sigh of relief came. It probably wasn't easy to introduce new family member to her because she's got all the sole attention all along, and now it has to be divided.
Big Hug!
It's of a different story when we were back home.

For the first few days, Jazz was very jealous over Jare. Whoever was carrying Jare, she would asked for herself to be carried instead. I've even realised her very extreme misbehaviours, so much so that I've been using much threats and scoldings on her, even her Dad lost his tolerance on several occasions too. One thing we made sure was, these behaviours were independent, not relating to Jare. That made us quite safe to discipline.

Things are getting better along the days, and I just hope she'll want to be carried lesser each day. If not, outings are gonna be cumbersome. Jare isn't so interactive now, so there can't be much bonding among them. After all, they're gonna be lifetime playmates!

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