Thursday 3 March 2011


I googled and found no concrete evidence of coconut and childbirth. Many said drinking coconut near delivery gives you a clean baby upon birth. In any case, I tried for both Jazz and Jare, and it really does wonders! I'm usually a non-believer of myths, superstitions or old wives tales, I'll do what is of common sense. Anyway, I just tried it. Regardless of it being a tale or myth, the most convincing part was listening to testimonies of countless mummies who have tried them successfully. I wasn't sure when my little ones were coming out, so I drank it almost everyday when I was into my 38th week. Coincidentally for Jare, he was induced the next day I drank, for Jazz, it was 2 days before, I think. Anyway, coconut is such a refreshing sweet drink, it was my pleasure to keep drinking.

Most said to drink the huge green coconut which can be easily found at hawkers, but I drank the Thai and young coconut which were easily found at supermarkets. They were cheaper and did similar wonder, or maybe coincidence if you ain't convince. Thai coconuts are easy to 'chop' open at home, young coconut with husk are harder to open, but hmm, that's when husbands come into the picture.

Here are my evidences:

That's Jazz

Typical boy's position. Had to mosiac it, he might see it when he grows up.
I thought Jare wasn't as clean as Jazz, but my gynae said he was very clean. Okay, it really doesn't matter much about coconuts, nurses will clean and bathe your baby after all. It's just for better picture effect at the initial moments. 

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