Saturday, 26 March 2011

Conversations of the day

Scene 1
Mummy: Jazzelle, Mummy cooked chicken porridge for you.
Jazzelle: Thank you Mummy!

Scene 2
Mummy: Jazzelle, Mummy bought sweets for you.
Jazzelle: Thank you Mummy!

Ow, she's just so wonderful. Melts my heart.

Scene 3
Mummy: Why don't you bring your son to the polyclinic for vacninations instead of going to the PD. It's cheaper.
Daddy: Because I want to give my children the best.
Mummy: Why don't you give your wife the best?
Daddy: You already got the best because your husband is the best.
Mummy: Faint!

What a high self-esteem my husband has got. But hmm, sometimes, just sometimes, he really is the best.

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