Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Diapers changing

Jazz has been of great help at home, she would never fail to help us retrieve the things we need when help is needed. When I'm changing Jareth's diapers, I would ask her to get me a fresh piece and she would readily do so. Okay, sometimes she'll end up playing with the rest of the diapers, but most of the time, she was really of assistance. 
Not only does she mess with Jare's diapers, she has also been messing around with her diapers. So much so that we've decided to keep them out of her reach. She uses her diapers to put on for her 'friends.'
She puts on diapers for her "friends"
She doesn't miss the steps. She changes their diapers like how we change hers. She uses the wet wipe, the nappy cream and then wrap it up! This really made her Grandparents laughed. Now, I wonder when is she able to do so for her little brother...

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