Thursday 31 March 2011

My brave boy

I've been stuck in the hospital since Monday. Poor boy was down with fever on Sunday night, it was a scare to me. He's only six weeks old and down with fever. We brought him to the doctor the next day and he admitted him to TMC. Dcotor said it's unusual for infants less than 3 months to be down with fever. I was fearful and this made me teared.

Doctor admitted him for tests and to monitor his fever for the next 24 to 48 hours. Never did we expect to stay beyond 48hours. Jare did his urine test, blood test and the worse of all, Lumbar puncture. When the first 2 tests proved negative, the doctor asked us to decide on Lumbar puncture. A procedure to draw fluid out of his spine, testing for meningitis. We thought for it overnight, and decided to go ahead for the assurance. His daddy joked that I escaped epidural, and my boy is now taking on my behalf. What nonsense.

The day came when it was time for his procedure, I felt so heavy-hearted when he was carried him away. It really was too much to bear for my little one. In separate rooms, I knew he was crying the walls down with no one to his rescue, and me, crying out with him. Half an hour later, he came back to me soundly asleep. It must be have been a tough fight. Doctor told me, he was not easy. Well, that's of course, he's a little baby going through this with no pain relieve. I'm just glad all tests were done and those were it.

I pleaded with the doctor to discharge us. It was a 'No' because his fever has not subsided. After the final test result came, all he could confirm was viral infection, not bacteria, which is a better outcome than the latter. There's no sign of meningitis, phew! 
Bringing his fever down
My parents comforting him...
Lying for 6 hours straight after lumbar puncture
Pumping antibiotics into his blood

Today, I finally see rainbow. Jare's fever subsided 19hrs since the last paracetamol intake. We can go home! In fact, doctor wanted us to stay and wait for another test result, but we persuaded him. It's a costly week just thinking about medical bill.

Everything's just in time. We're going to Jazz's school for her birthday celebration later, and we're all ready for her mini party at home tomorrow. She's been good, visiting her didi every night and wishing him a speedy recovery. I'm just glad we're going home today! I've been so worn out and stressed. All a mother could ask for from her children is, good health. Always.

To Jare: "Thank you for being such a strong and brave boy. It's been a tough battle for you. You took victory over the needles, medications, fever and virus. I'm proud of you. I love you."

To Jazz: "Thank you for staying healthy, Mummy loves you!"

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