Wednesday 23 March 2011

Jare's Full month lunch

We held Jare's Full month lunch at Chilli Padi Nonya cafe last Sunday. It was a nice and cosy place that hosted our relatives and friends well. The food and service was fabulous, my guests loved it very much. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that place to anyone. 
Ordered these cupcakes from sweetest moments
Didn't mean to exclude Jazz, but she was sleeping. I guess it's ok to give didi some limelight.
I looked greedy, but I was scooping food for Jazz

After sourcing for cupcakes and seeing the many beautiful cupcakes around. I'm inspired to learn baking creative cupcakes. So that next time when people ask, I can say I made them instead of buying them. 

Although the place sounds spicy, there are non-spicy food too. I adjusted the menu a little to make it kids friendly. 
The auspicious red kuehs and eggs
Nonya kuehs. They tasted really good!

Thank you for your thoughts and gifts, they're very much appreciated. 

And what made everything eventful was the presence of our relatives and friends. Thank you!

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