Friday 4 March 2011

My Birthday Fever

Last week was bad for me, I ran a continuous fever of 4 days. It got me really down and emotional. I've since visited KKH and now on antibiotics.

I got much better that evening, and the usual faithful friends visited me with presents. Thank you so much! The man got me a birthday cake, but Jazz slept early that night and I so much wanted to have her with me during cake cutting. I wanted to leave it to the next day, but there's an 'evil' man who woke her up to cut the cake, that's her jiujiu. After that, he shoved the responsibility to get her to bed again. Jazz ended her night late, all at the expense of mine and the man's sleep.

My cake reads "Happy Birthday Mummy"

What an 'eventful' birthday celebration I had. I hate fever.


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