Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"No hand"

Last weekend, we went over to Ash's house for her 2nd birthday party. It's just opposite our block, so that really made it easy for me since I was still doing confinement. Hmm, and I've been sneaking out for the past 2 weeks, mostly to pick Jazz from school and once for groceries.

Anyway, after the party, auntie A gave Jazz a party pack and some balloons. On our way back, she asked to munch on the biscuit in the goodie bag, so I opened it for her. On one hand was her goodie bag and the other was busy with her biscuit. Her Daddy then asked her to hold the balloons and she said,"no hand", with an attempt of lifting up both her hands to prove herself true. We both looked at each other and burst out into laughter. It was a copied reply from us, we use it when she needed us to help and we're occupied. Upon hearing her mention that day, I've also realised how singlish that English was.
I thought she was really cute though.

Happy to be out in the sun after being confined to home

Her occupied hands

Thank you Ash for the invite!

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