Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Outing of Four

I had my first experience of an outing of four - the man, myself and Js. It was Jare's 1st month jab last Saturday, so off we went to United square. And to make this first attempt memorable, the man left the stroller home, I had to carry Jare in my arms throughout. Jazz wasn't too much of independence yet, she likes to be carried most of the time too.

After the medical appointment, we had lunch at Bakerzin and it was pretty easy, because all Jare did was to sleep. We left him to sleep on a cushion seat we got, and that invited stares. Not sure why, or maybe he's just cute. Or were we weird to leave baby sleeping on couch? I left my stroller home eh.
Sleeping on Daddy's lap

While one is sleeping, the other is hyper

After lunch, was home. Shopping and any other agenda was out of mind. It was quite tough when both were sleeping with the absence of stroller. I'm just glad that the little boy managed to hold his feed till we got home. He's putting on good weight, 4.4kg at month one, slightly above average. Seems like breast milk is doing him much growth. 

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