Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bottle Rejection

It happened to Jazz, and now it's happening to Jare. He's rejecting the bottle. This is exasperating because I'll not be taking care of his feeds when I go back to work. I need to get him hooked onto the bottle now, or else my Mum will have a hard time coaxing him to drink. Although I believe babies will drink when hunger strikes. The trying process is tough. 
Babies are the most perfect creation in mankind. They are so beautiful and innocent, but why create them to be confused between bottle teats and mummy's boobs? I wonder why. It's really tough to get them switched from one to the other. If we start bottle early, he might reject the boobs and if you begin later, he rejects the bottle. In fact, slightly before he turned one month, I was determined to have a mixture of bottle and boobs feeding. I gave him the bottle much earlier than Jazz, I didn't want to repeat the mistake I had. The fault was probably not enforcing bottle feed everyday. I did it only once every few days. He could be taking bottle well the day before, and reject bottle the next day. So drastic! Although there are many reasons of baby rejecting the bottle, I believe the root problem is bottle teat. We tried from Avent to NUK and to Tommie Tippe, it all didn't help. 
The man is forceful...
Jare is angry. I hope that wasn't his middle finger being pictured.
This evening, to reinforce bottle feeding, I made myself scarce from home, leaving the man to battle with the boy. I brought Jazz together with my Mum to our nearby mall for a stroll. We got home only two hours after the due of Jare's last feed. I was expecting to hear disappointment when I stepped home, but the man updated that he drank! I was so relieved and pleased. Jare usually chooses to scream, cry and sleep over the bottle. Here's what the man did: 
1. On the TV for him to watch 
2. Changed back to NUK latex teat and 
3. Used my nurisng pillow! 
Oh, and maybe with the air-con on so both adult and baby are more cooled during the battle. As much as I contained joy, I'm also managing my expectation. I'm anticipating that this might not be the end of the battle. On some days, at different time of feed, he will still have his preference. I must say NUK latex teat seems the best so far. I applaud its soft teat which seemed to be created just like the mothers' boobs. At least, it worked for both my Js. 
After all, the success recipe is all about trial and error, many of it! Even if it means pouring away those precious untouched expressed milk.

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