Wednesday 13 April 2011

Dinner at MBS

For the past two weekends, we've been to MBS twice. We were there for dinner on both Sundays. Thanks to my Dad for his great treat. Jazz loves exploring MBS. She loves running through the huge space within the mall, but when it comes to staying still for meals, it's a great challenge. The week before last, we had buffet dinner at Rise and last Sunday, we dined at Cut. Best part about Rise was that they served foie gras and oysters, I had so many portions of it. My permitted food after pregnancy. And the best I could ask for from both Js is to be well behave so that I can enjoy some good food. Well, Jare disrupted my meals with milk feeds and Jazz couldn't sit too long in her high chair. Thank God for my bros and their gf, they entertained Jazz, so I was a little more freed up.

As usual, ignored the staples, went for the sweets.

Sweaty after a run

We dined at CUT the latter week, I've to say the menu is pricey, but the food is of great quality. My family's a bunch of steak lovers, nothing beats to having a good cut beef.
Pricey but great food!

Different grades of cut
MBS really is a nice place to hang out. The weather has been really warm these months, it's so perfect to be hanging out in air-conditioned malls.

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