Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Excursion to Polliwogs

Apart from the academics, we need to balance it with excursions. While my parents and bro were away for their holiday in Bangkok, which I'm with so much envy, we had our fun without getting on the plane too!

Last Saturday, we went East Coast Park for some dim sum, then brought the kids to Polliwogs. Only Jazz was eligible for play. Little boy just needs milk and sleep. After our dim sum, both Js fell asleep while we were on the way to the indoor playground, and since the kids were sleeping, the mum and dad stopped over for coffee.

Jazz has priority to the stroller because of her weight!

I'll carry the lighter one
Situations like this ever planted the thought of getting a twin stroller! Should I? 
Obstacle course

Grabbing hold of the colourful balls

Wrong demonstration, walking the opposite way of the slide

She got more independent with the indoor playground after her dad followed her through the obstacles. When it was my turn to takeover, I merely watched her play from the outside. Moreover, the place was really crowded on weekends, I was trying to avoid being a big kid, playing in there. I still prefer sitting at the cafe, with Jare sleeping and me conquering pages of young parents magazine. That was luxury to me.

After Polliwogs, she kept pointing to the sea, wanting to see the boats and ships. We then strolled along the beach.
Being very mindful of sand getting into her shoes

And while we were on the sandy beach, the man sat with the 'fruit basket', with Jare in it

It was good fun for everyone, I enjoyed the excursion very much. I thought it really was some quality time spent with the man and the kids. Tiring as it may be, it's definitely much better than being stuck to home. 

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