Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy Birthday Jazz - Part I

Jazz's 2nd birthday celebration has three parts. First, we did a celebration for her in school. It was a day before her actual, which also marks her 'last' day of school, because I've boldly withdrawn her from school for the month of April. It really is gonna be a test for me to handle 2 young ones at home. On the other hand, I could save a month of fee while trying to bond the siblings. My only fear is her adjustment to school after a month of break. I hope she'll still remember that school is fun!

Here are some moments of her celebration in school. I did a care bear theme for her. The classes in school are also identified by the different characters of care bears, and she love care bears.

Her care bear cake and party packs

She's good at blowing candles now

Showing her artwork to us

Bye school, see you in May
It was a quick and simple celebration for her. Many of her classmates would celebrate their birthdays in school, and when parents pop in with cake and party packs, they know it's their birthday. It's Jazz's turn today. When we popped in her class with cake, balloon and party packs, she would proudly say, "It's Jazz's birthday, mine mine!"

Well, it's a nice closure to end her school days for a month. She'll be back in May!

Oh, the forgotten guests...

Her care bear collection!

We'll remember to invite them next time.

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