Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Home Preschool

It's almost mid April, about 2 more weeks before Jazz goes back to school. I'm determined to make Jazz's "home stay" more fruitful than just the routines. I've to admit that Jare and the occasional chores are draining my time and energy, it's time I give a little more attention to Jazz by doing activities together. Something comparable to her school days, learn and play.

Last week, I brought her to the playground at our neighbourhood. Playground was her reward for finishing lunch well. It was a short play because Mr sun was scorching hot and I wanted to do this before her bath time. Of all time, I actually brought her there at noon. She really did enjoy and what amazed me was, when I said it's time to go, she did her last few slides, happily held my hand, and walked our way home. Usually, when she's having great fun or interest in something, it takes time to coax her on leaving.

She's getting more independent at playgrounds

Enjoying her play!

After playground, she had pet therapy with Pillow, an activity not available in school. She loves playing with Pillow. And let me tell you, I think I've the best doggie one can ever have. He's ever patient with Jazz. Her play with Pillow is so rough, she would poke his eyes, pull his ears, tail and fur! And Pillow would be just so clam. She wasn't being abusive, she's was merely pointing his features to me, perhaps in a very ungentle way. 

She grew up with Pillow, that made her think that all dogs are friendly. She's never afraid of stray animals or my neighbours' dogs, always stretching her hands to greet them. I must admit I do fear for her at times because I'm not sure how other dogs would react to a little kid. Good thing, doggies around my neighbourhood are rather friendly. 
Got kissed by Pillow

Pillow's tail wagging frantically

Then, I did a little more of academic activity with Jazz. We ran through the upper case of alphabets and their sounds. She's an expert of the ABC song and for being a great fan of leapfrog, letter factory, I've decided to test her. So here, I took her bath toys, laid the 26 letters out in sequence and asked her to take the letter that I've requested. Got about 75% of right answers. I thought she would be 100% right. Her daddy said I'm having a too high expectation of her. But no, I had no expectation at all. She's been watching letter factory for some time, so I thought she would recognise all the letters. 

She was really excited throughout the game. Whenever I applauded her for getting it right, she smiles and eagerly awaits my next test. At the end of the game, I rewarded her with a sweet. She was so happy that she kept asking me to play again. She had fun, I had fun!

In search for the requested letter

Found it!

 Simple moments like these mades me feel so blessed!

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