Monday, 11 April 2011

Jare at 8 weeks

Little Jare is approaching his 8th week, that's about 2 months. He's becoming more alert, loves looking around when awake. He's beginning to sleep less and starts to coo when you talk to him. He's able to hold his head well for few seconds. He's also putting on some good weight, despite that 200g lost when he was hospitalised. He's getting really heavy each day. His Daddy calls him, "Fat boy." Ohhh, that's mean. But he looks extremely chubby from all the milk I've supplied. Proud cow here...

I've also taken out the most formidable weapon for his day sleep, the sarong! Jazz had a flatter head on her right than left because she preferred sleeping on her right when she was an infant. To not repeat my mistake, I've decided to use the sarong for Jare, hoping he gets a rolly polly head this way. Moreover, he's a boy, it's not possible to grow his hair long to cover that flaw. The sarong also makes taking care of Jare easy for my mum when I get back to work. In the night, he'll be back onto our king bed. 
Little boy in his yao yao. In hope for a good round head

Oh, did I mention he's getting more handsome each day! His face is getting brighter from the disappearing of those baby acnes, cradle cap and rashes.

Love those eyes of his!

Grow strong and grow well Jare!

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