Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Jareth meets friends!

I brought Jareth out for a mummies gathering this afternoon. It was all so fun! My only guilt was to leave Jazz at home, to my mum's care. Well, honestly, I can't handle both kids alone and out. Jazz is still quite a sticky chewy chocolate, she likes to be carried most times. To spare myself from the sufferings, it's a ratio of 1:1 for me.

It's really nice to have such luxury of meeting many mummies while on maternity leave. If only maternity is eternity leave. That would be so Perfect! 
Jare in dark blue

Love the many babies shot

Jare is in the second row, third from his right. A different outfit from the above, because of a major poop he did, staining his romper. Well, in situation like this, we recognise babies by their outfit. 

Jare and mummy
It's usually easy to mingle with friends of the same interest - Mummies! We share tips, jokes and rant about anything under the sun. Nice!

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