Friday, 29 April 2011

Jazz goes out with Mum

Yesterday, Jazz had her turn to be out with me. Jare was home in mum's care. I brought her out to meet some mummies at Orchard. We took a train there and took a bus home. She was all curious and excited throughout the trip. When we reached the train station, she went, "yay, we're going to take the train." And she went jumping off her feet.

It is seldom that we get to be on trains and buses, because of the comfort of driving. When we were on the train, she was all silent and stunned. The two row of seats were parallel, so passengers were looking at her and she was looking at everyone. Something different from her everyday.

Waiting for the train to arrive
It was a short journey and she behaved relatively well throughout the outing. After lunch at Swensens, she fell asleep. That got me stuck because I was pram-less. I had so much faith in her, hoping she'll get her nap only when we get home, but she failed me. Slept right after lunch on my shoulders. And there I was carrying a big baby around Orchard.

When she woke up, she was delighted by the sight along Orchard road. She went, "So many cars, so many bus...." and went on the sing, "the wheels of the bus go round and round...". We walked to the bus stop and thought we could board any bus, but I told her "No, we have to wait for bus number 65."

Finally, we got home, her first words whenever she enters the door would always be, "ζˆ‘ε›žζ₯δΊ†!" That's if my mum's at home. That evening, she told her Daddy, she went on bus and train.

Other than my aching arms, I thought it was some great moments spent with her. I would love more of such excursions.

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