Saturday, 2 April 2011

Jazz's Birthday - Part III

Final part of Jazz's birthday celebration was done at home. We did a mini party for her and invited my grandparents, aunt, parents and brothers. She loves hanging around with my bros and their girlfriends. That made her party awesome.

It was a party I had planned weeks ago. And when Jare was admitted to the hospital, I thought the party had to be cancelled. Today, I'm just so thankful that Jare is discharged and that we could celebrate Jazz's birthday as a family!

The theme for home party - Mickey, Minnie and friends! 
All ready for party time
These in an adult's party pack... wasabi peas!
Dim sum for dinner and party
Ice-cream cake

Her very cute minnie mouse ears.

Party hats

Jare in mickey wear too!
The guests and their hats

Happy Birthday Jazz!

The special guests!

Uncle bear and auntie Esther surprised us again! They visited Jazz with a minnie mouse pressie, her love! Thank you for that special thought and gesture.

Opening ceremony for pressies...

Her presents! More mice added to her collection

Shoes from daddy, classic minnie from Mummy, Red minnie from Uncle bear and Auntie Esther, clouring book and shirt from jiu jiu and berry jie jie, elephant and flowers from da jiu and Delia jie jie. Grandparents, parents and my auntie did the tradition, they gave ang baos.

My eldest bro and his girlfriend are real comical. They ordered the elephant and flowers to be sent to her school today, but she wasn't in school. It's month of April, so she's no more schooling from today till May. The teacher called to say that Jazz has a delivered gift and asked to send to our home instead. When the gift came, she exclaimed, "elephant, elephant!" It came with a card of love message and a note asking teacher to read the message to Jazz. She wasn't in school, so I read on behalf.

Well, a mini party, but we all had fun. It's time well spent and I would love to have more simple, stress free parties like this. Happy Birthday darling! 

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