Wednesday 20 April 2011

Lesson on Numbers

We did numbers last week. I think Jazz doesn't like numbers, she has short attention span when we go through them. Well of course, we have to keep counting to 10 repeatedly, it can be quite a bore. She's good at counting up to 10 in both English and Mandarin, perhaps skipping some numbers at times. Not wanting to neglect our mother tongue, I brought Mandarin into our conversations and lessons. My mum is the sole Mandarin speaker to her, if Jazz conversed in English to her, she would say she doesn't understand. She's the Mandarin tutor, I'm the bilingual
We did counting together
Knowing the sequence and picking the number
Stacking with caution

After the academic, we had some fun on letters and numbers stacko. We stacked as high as we could, and whoever made it fell, loses the game. It's fun!  

Learning is easier if we can bring in songs like the ABC song, number song (once I caught a fish alive) and ten little indian boys. That's how these songs helped her remember the sequences. It's one and a half more week to go before she greets school again. I had better get more quality time out of her home stay.

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