Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lessons of the week

This week, my lesson plan was colours. Jazz is still not very good with her colours, we've been introducing them for a very long time but she's still getting some colours wrong. I know she loves m and m chocolates, and so I've put the chocs to great use. They became my teaching object.

I folded paper boxes and labelled them with the colour's name. Got Jazz to sort out the chocolate according to the colours with a spoon. She needs to practice on spoon coordination too. Although she used her fingers a few times, I voided those sort. Game rules apply. She enjoyed and played the game very well, almost perfect. After she sorted, we feasted on the chocs. She only gets to eat if she picked the right colour, if not, it goes into my mouth. She was a little upset for not getting them right initially, because she doesn't get to eat. Practice makes perfect, she got to eat them as we went on.

Colourful chocs waiting to be sorted

She's enjoying the game. She loves it!

Throughout the week, we did some drawing and colouring as well. I tried to draw simple pictures, asked her to copy, but she couldn't. I wanted to know what is she able and unable at this stage. She is not much into colouring too.

I drew a simple sun, asked her to draw too. She ended up colouring it randomly.

Thinking this book will help reinforce colours, but she has no patient to colour it.

Although I'm not some arty person, we did some art and craft. I was trying to make a sun out of a paper plate. And whatever the outcome, she loves working on it with me. She was so excited when I brought out all the materials. The glue was rather messy on her, but it was difficult to stay clean when it comes to art and craft. So everything was done before bath. She kept singing the Mr Sun song while we were working on it: 

"Oh Mr Sun Sun, Mr golden Sun please shine down on me, Oh Mr Sun Sun, Mr golden Sun hiding behind the tree, these little children are asking you to please come out so we can play with you, Oh Mr Sun Sun, Mr golden sun please shine down on me... "

She loves singing this song, so that inspired me to make a sun!

Our Mr Sun... looks funny eh...

Her Dad came home, she excitedly showed him the sun we did and the man asked, "How come sun got hair." I'm stumped for a reply. "It's art!"

I drew pictures and taught her on colours again

Now, she's getting better with red, blue, green, yellow, brown, black, orange, purple and pink! Thanks to Jare for sleeping well, so that we can work on our lessons.

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