Thursday, 21 April 2011

Two year milestone

Jazz reached her 2 years milestone earlier this month. At times, I'll wonder why her progression is slower than other kids or how come she has yet to master this and that. Typical Singaporean mum? Haha. Just some thoughts when I ever idle. Her Dad always says, "don't focus on what she can't do, focus on what she can do." Well fine, then here I am to make myself feel proud of her achievements and not be too bothered about what she has yet to master. Here's her list of 'cans' 
1. Sing many songs! English and Chinese. Some taught in her school which we don't even know. 
2. Knows her ABC and their sounds 
3. Knows her numbers (1 to 10) 
4. Knows some colours 
5. Knows some shapes 
6. Picks and wears her own clothes. With them in the wrong way at times 
7. Wears her shoes 
8. Feeds herself. Messy though. 
9. Read some books with the help of pictures 
10. navigates my iphone and the apps 
11. Spell BUS, VAN, CAR, CAT and DOG 
Okie, that should be about all. Shall not bring in her greater expertise, tantrums. I'm sure she'll outgrow that. Other than tantrums, I think kids are most adorable at this age. Their cutie little actions make you laugh and smile all the time. Now you know why home is the best place to head to after a long work day.

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