Saturday, 28 May 2011

Who bite?

At about 5:30pm today, Jazz teacher called to inform that she was bitten by her school mate over a slide play. In my heart, I knew it was alright and of no major concern. However, it just prompted me to pick her, and it was about time anyway, so off to her school I drove.

I saw her teacher and casually asked who bit her. Well, it is a teacher's due diligence to keep mum about it. I smiled cheekily and told her,"it's ok, I'll ask her." I'm confident that Jazz could tell me who the culprit is. When I saw Jazz at the playground, she ran towards me, showed me her right arm with those pout lips and said, "pain." An expression that requires my immediate sympathy.

I asked her, who bit her, she gave me a name, but I didn't know who this kid was, perhaps a new kid who just joined school. Well, it doesn't really matter, I was just trying her out, whether she could relate something about the incident and identify the things or people who harmed her. I understand kids do have their times of rough play and have no control over their emotions. But upon seeing her bruise, I was so tempted to tell her, "If your friend bites you, bite him back." What a thing to teach. But isn't that the reality of life? Too innocent for the little ones perhaps. So well, I told her,"That's ok, Mummy kiss, no more pain."

Teacher explained that they were 'fighting' over their turns to slide. Jazz got to the slide before the boy, so I guess she wasn't at fault. I was very concern about her attitude and behaviour towards toys sharing and playing. I hope she'll never play rough. Moreover, the word 'share' and 'take turns' has always been my most used vocabulary. Hope to get them into Jare as well.

Bruise mark

For leaving such bruise, I could tell the bite was painful at that moment. And she was so cute when we were on the way home. She told me she wanted to show daddy and grandma her bruise. Trying to earn more hugs, I guess.

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