Monday 9 May 2011

Baby signing

Some time ago, I was invited to a friend's place for dinner, she has a pair of twin daughters. I saw them communicating in sign language throughout their play. They were about four months younger than Jazz. I was all curious, and so I asked her about their signing. She said they were on it since six months and started to sign when they were about eight to nine months. That week, I got my man to source out on this baby signing DVD. 
It is no different from what the deaf and mute learn. Beyond that, it is also catered for babies who have yet to develop their verbal skill. Babies develop hands and eyes coordination much faster than verbal. Signing helps them to communicate their wants and needs without much crying. I got so interested that I started watching them last week with both Js. I told Jazz that didi has yet to talk, so we need to sign to him. She watched and did some signs together. Jare paid attention to the images too, but I think it's more appropriate to start him when he's about six months. 
I was first doubtful about signing, whether it'll slow their speech development and become reluctant to talk. But looking at my friend's daughters, I don't think so. They are both younger than Jazz and have already started talking much. They sign and speak at the same time! A baby crawls before walking, but he doesn't crawl again once he starts walking. Similarly, I believe signing will be taken over by speech once they've more vocabulary choices. 
I have a huge problem here. I'm going back to work next week, yes... reality is setting in. Huge sigh! And I won't be 24/7 with Jare to practice signing. My mum would definitely not help on this part of training. So you see why it's still best to be a SAHM or maybe give Mums a one year maternity leave. At least we can be around for that important first year. I'm not sure how to begin with Jare when I'm only home on weekday evenings and weekend. Will that few hours of signing help? Signing is definitely something new to introduce. I didn't have the chance to try it out on Jazz, and I couldn't think of any cons about introducing it, so maybe I could give it a try with Jare. Moreover, boys tend to have a slower speech development than girls, so signing will be of more usage for Jare
I'll try a little and see how it gets along. We have to learn together with the little one, so it's lots of memory work for me too.

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