Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Back to School

After a month of home stay, Jazz is finally back to school! I was so surprised when her daddy updated that she didn't cry and even received a welcome hug from her classmate. Yes, that same boy, we label him as Jazz's boyfriend. 
I thought after a month break from school, she might have problem adapting again. I have underestimated her. She was all so happy today. And as usual, school must have tire her out with activities, she's in bed by nine. No more late nights. How I wished every weekday night would be like this, so I can have some time for myself after the kids are asleep.
Now that Jazz is back to school, I'm more freed up. I went out for some shopping and lunch, leaving Jare to my mum's care, "forcing' her to bottle train him. My mum had two successful attempts today, both with tough fight though. Hopefully, the boy drinks from the bottle fuss free soon!

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