Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Back to Work

My pause in updating explains how challenging it was to find time for myself after settling the day. I was back to work last week and on my first work day, after a 'long' three months break, I was so sweetly welcomed by my office mates... 
They made that morning smile. Thank you!

Seriously, being a full time working mum is no joke. It tires every single part of my body. I feed and milk the kids, shower them, get them to sleep, read and sing for them. One was still alright, two is tiring, I can't imagine three yet. Let the future worry for itself. 
I do miss Jare terribly much when I'm at work. Perhaps because Jazz has been set into my routine, seeing her before and after work is my norm. Jare is still new to me, it takes more time perhaps. Moreover, I was with Jazz for about seven months before getting to work. With Jare, I could only afford three months. If only I could be a SAHM, if only I could work full time from home, if only and if only...

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