Sunday 8 May 2011

Mummy's Day

It's Mothers' Day today! My mum brought Jazz to the market this morning and the little girl came back with a red carnation for me. Sweet! But the school belated my gift. 
I asked her to hold my carnation for a picture
Prior to Mothers' day, it was the GE yesterday. Sometimes as parents, we tend to overlook the positives of our children and focus on their negatives. Similarly, many voters around me complain endlessly about our government, focusing on the negatives like price hikes, ERP gantries, HDB and the endless dissatisfaction. They might have forgotten their efforts built through the many years to bring us this far. At least as of today, election is peaceful, no fights, no riots and no strikes. We are people governed by the law. Thumbs up for our best port, best airport, low crime society, advanced society, well accessed transport system, beautiful landscape, low unemployment rate, and many to think of if you choose to focus on the positives. 
In short, there is no perfect government, just like us, being imperfect parents and imperfect children. So what do we do with imperfections? Love the imperfect. 
Happy Mothers' day to All!

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