Saturday, 14 May 2011

My freezer...

My expressed milk is now resident in my freezer, I can hardly squeeze in any more. I even contemplated with the idea of getting a chest freezer. Since I'm back to work, the older dated milk will be moving out and making way for newer dated milk. 
In fact, I've two refrigerators in my home! One for frozen food and the other for frozen milk. Just so that the smell of the food isn't breathed into the milk. I'm proud of my milking achievement, but I'm not sure how long my breastfeeding career will continue. I don't find it conducive to express milk in my office, as there's no proper room. It's also quite a hassle transporting pump and milk to and fro everyday. More importantly, I quite dislike washing my pump many times a day. 

Milk, not vanilla ice-cream

Many say breast milk is the best graded milk, it gives the best immunity, nutrients and etc. Different researches give different analysis, I don't read them too seriously anyway. The experiments are always evolving. To me, the best about breastmilk is the huge savings on formula milk, and latching gives me great bonding too. I missed this bonding badly when I stopped nursing Jazz. I'm glad to have the feel back with Jare again. I love having him close to me and combing my palms over his hair whenever he milks.

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